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Create a sticker pack in Procreate

One of the most popular trends in digital illustration now is the creation of stickers and entire sticker packs.
Everyone in childhood loved stickers and they were usually sold in a selection with others on a single sheet.

This association is the sticker pack.

Its functions now go far beyond just drawings. You can print stickers in circulation, one by one, make a postcard out of them, or use them for social networks: as stickers in Instagram stories, in what's app and telegram.

Why do we need stickers? In fact, stickers are in any case a customization of a person, his expression both in the digital space and offline. For example, when buying a beautiful cake, you can get cute stickers with cartoon cupcakes and remember this sign of attention, use them, for example, for a notebook or give them to a child.
Such a trifle makes the approach to the buyer more humane, individual.

Stickers for social networks often make our communication more diverse and colorful. Agree, simple emoticons do not always reflect our emotions, we do not consider irony and resentment through them if the text is neutral. By adding our own stickers we can say a lot more. Plus, if stickers are directly associated with you, you as a client can better build your own brand.
To begin with, about printed stickers and the file itself, in which they will be packaged. If you are going to work in digital format, then use the RGB color profile if you are going to print CMYK. So you minimize the risks of incorrect color rendering. If you want to change the color model, then it would be wiser to do it in Photoshop and check if any colors have changed dramatically. And this happens quite often.

Next, pay attention to the requirement of the printing house for black. Usually the print shop already prescribes the requirements for layouts on the site and knows their printers, if you want deep blacks, not gray or brown, it is better to comply with the requirements.

It is also very important that the canvas is immediately life-size. For example, if you first created A5, and then decided to print on A4, then most likely you will get poor print quality and an overly pixelated image.
The second important requirement for printed stickers is the distance between the objects and the cutouts.

Usually the overhangs are 3 mm on each side. That is, you add +6 mm horizontally and vertically to the standard file size when creating. And then, when arranging all the objects, you retreat another 3 mm from the standard sheet - this is the print border. Regarding the distance between the objects, they must be at least 10 mm apart from each other.

When creating stickers, it's better to draw each on a separate layer and collect one sticker into a group of layers, you can later move the sticker to a separate canvas and use it yourself.

Please note that you will also need a die-cut layout so that all the stickers can be easily peeled off the sheet, and not cut out with scissors.
This layout must be done in vector. If you are not friends with vector programs (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw), ask the print shop for such a service. The shapes will resemble uneven streamlined blobs, and they will become the borders of your sticker. They can be either moved away or left quite small, about 5mm, so the white (or transparent) background will be minimal.
Another use for stickers besides printing is using them individually as Instagram stickers. You don't need any special software, just save your sticker without a background. To do this, you just need to uncheck the bottom layer and save it in png format.

Next, go to stories on instagram and choose to add an image. It will be added without a background and can be moved as you like.
And finally, the third option is to upload your sticker packs to messengers. We will analyze a more popular and popular option - stickers for telegram, you can also download stickers in what'sapp, but not through the application itself, but through additional programs, now there is a large choice, just type in the search bar in google play or app store "create your stickers in what'app" and then select the appropriate application.
In telegram, everything is much simpler.

To upload your own stickers, you first need to create a 512*512 pixel RGB color profile document, each sticker must fit that size and have a white outline.

But, in fact, you can add this white outline after, for example, you have drawn all the stickers.
Next, go to the telegram settings and find the "Stickers" line, scroll down the window that appears and click on "@stickers" - this is a chat bot through which you can easily add your sticker pack by following simple instructions.
Thus, we have considered with you three options for using stickers, but this is not the limit, since your creativity can be much more widespread than just three options. Think for yourself, where else can a good illustration of this type come in handy? These are postcards, and prints for clothes, and layouts for badges and pins, and logos, and Instagram design. In a word, our modern world gives us a limitless set of opportunities and our task in it is to keep looking for ourselves, find new ways of realization and enjoy our work.
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