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"My passion for fashion began with a children's cartoon, with the image of Cruella Deville. I was so impressed by her costumes that I immediately rushed to draw them, furs on one shoulder, feathers. Since then, I have been drawing clothes in all the albums and notebooks. I drew sheets of paper into cells and in each cell I came up with a new design for shoes. Later, I discovered fashion magazines and started drawing clothes from the magazine, redesigning them to be original. I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Over time, I realized that I love to draw. But I did not immediately come to the career of an illustrator. I started my career as a make-up artist, we created images, invented costumes, made hats and masks, and yet it was drawing, sketching that brought me the most pleasure. And I continued my studies already at the academy as a full-fledged artist. Now, I'm going back to university, continuing to follow my dream. I think I will never stop learning, because this is the most interesting thing in the world to learn something new."
Tutor of fashion illustration courses


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