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Daisies are symbols of freshness, purity, and spring mood. Their delicate petals and juicy shades attract attention and bring joy to their viewers. And if you have ever wondered how to create these beautiful flowers with your own hands, then this guide is for you. In this article, we will discuss 9 simple steps to demonstrate you how easy it is to paint these flowers with acrylics.

Step 1: Background for your art

The first step in creating a painting with daisies is choosing the background. Fill the area where you want to paint the flowers with a dark green color. This will create the foundation for your future creation and give it volume.
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Step 2: Drawing stems

Using light green color, start drawing stems for your daisies. This will add realism to your flowers and help them blend organically into the overall composition.
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Step 3: Creating the foreground

To make the stems even more picturesque, add a bit of yellow to the green color and draw additional shades and details. This will add depth and interest to your art.
Add leaves and other foreground elements to make your painting look more voluminous and lively. This can be various vegetation or other flowers that will create additional interest and dynamics in your creation.
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Step 4: Drawing flower centers

Using yellow color, draw the centers of your daisies. This will create contrast and add even more vibrancy and realism to your flowers.
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Step 5: Drawing petals

It's time to draw the most characteristic parts of a daisy - its petals. Draw them in white, directing the brush from the center to the edges. This will help create a natural look and add volume to your flowers.Step 6: Drawing petals
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Step 6: Drawing distant daisies

To add depth to your creation, draw distant daisies with a dirty-blue color. This will create a perspective effect and add interest to your art.
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Step 7: Adding details

Give your creation extra charm by adding some details, such as additional daisies or leaves. This will make your art more picturesque and appealing.
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Step 8: Drawing petals of distant daisies

To add even more realism to distant daisies, add some white color to their petals. This will create a light-shadow effect and add volume to your art.
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Step 9: Final touches

Finally, draw the centers of distant daisies with bright yellow color and add a bit of light-yellow shade on top. This will give your art a finished look and make it even more attractive.
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So, here are the final steps to creating beautiful daisies with acrylic paints. Finish your work with pride and joy, and the result will definitely please you! Don't forget to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel Fantasy Room EN and discover many other interesting lessons on painting and creativity. Learn, create, and enjoy the process of art!
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