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The process of creating artistic masterpieces has become more accessible and engaging thanks to the incredible possibilities of the digital age. In the world of contemporary art, illustrators seek tools that allow them to express their creativity without limitations, and one of the most versatile and powerful programs for this purpose is Procreate.

Procreate is not just a program; it's a whole creative universe where an artist can bring even the boldest ideas to life. With its intuitive and user-friendly platform, Procreate becomes an indispensable assistant for anyone dreaming of creating unique digital illustrations.
The greatest advantage of Procreate lies in its boundless possibilities. From realistic drawings to colorful abstractions, this program allows you to bring any idea to life. With a vast array of brushes, textures, and effects, Procreate enables experimentation with a variety of styles and techniques, unlocking the boundless potential of creativity.

Another significant advantage is its mobility. Procreate is available for iPad, making it the perfect tool for creative individuals who are always on the move. With its simplicity in installation and usage, you can create illustrations anywhere, anytime, regardless of space constraints or equipment.

Thus, Procreate becomes not just a tool for creating artistic creations but an integral part of the creative process for any contemporary illustrator. Its power, accessibility, and endless possibilities make it indispensable for anyone dreaming of creating unique digital masterpieces.

Сompare procreate with other programs

At the moment, there are many great drawing, painting and graphics programs with which you can draw illustrations and more!
But after trying some of them, for example, ArtRage, Adobe Sketch or, as it is now called, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop, I realized that Procreate is the most convenient for me.
Even though Photoshop is considered an industry standard and there is little you can't do with the program, it can seem overwhelming at first for a beginner. A complex interface with a lot of small icons can be intimidating and confusing, and this for me is the reason why I refuse to draw in this particular program for now.
Partly for the same reason, Adobe Fresco is not very suitable for me. The program's interface is much simpler than its older brother Photoshop, but still, compared to Procreate, it is complex. I repeat that this is my personal perception and you may have completely different feelings. And especially since you can get used to everything. However, I started mastering digital illustration with Adobe Sketch or Fresco.

The Art Rage program is perfect for those who want to learn the beauty of graphic painting in oils and pastels!

What are the benefits of procreate?

Then I tried Procreate and it was love from the first touch of the stylus to the tablet screen.

An intuitive interface, a huge library of a wide variety of brushes, plus the ability to create your own brushes and download new ones, it is possible to create animations and 3D drawings, there are also functions for drawing in isometry, perspective, symmetry, not to mention the functions of plasticity, distortion, control colors and working with layers.
It is possible to create canvases of different sizes and save them in various formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF and even PSG, and a large arsenal of useful functions. You can draw in this program even on your iPhone. To do this, you need to download the mobile version of Procreate Pocket. The program is compatible with other graphics applications, such as Vectornator, a vector graphics creation program.

Today, almost all types of illustrations can be done in digital format in the Procreate program: be it fashion, calligraphy, interior sketching, or even imitation of manual techniques!
Our online school offers many courses on iPad in Procreate
for adults and children in a variety of areas.
Training from 0 for those who are picking up a drawing tablet for the first time and experienced artists who want to improve their skills!
This program absolutely completely fulfills all the tasks that I set for creating illustrations! Yes, of course, you will find all these same functions in the above-mentioned applications, but for some reason it is much easier and more comfortable for me to draw in Procreate.
The program is paid, for the full version for the tablet you will pay a one-time fee of 9 dollars 99 cents and that’s it, enjoy! The mobile version of Procreate Pocket costs $5. Whereas for full versions of the Photoshop line you will pay monthly depending on the tariff you choose!
The disadvantages of Procreate are that the program only works on Apple devices, although there are craftsmen who install the program on Android too! But I can’t say anything about the quality of this program on Android devices.
The first generation stylus is not compatible with generation tablets; for these tablets you need to purchase a second generation stylus.
Unfortunately, this program is not supported on tablets of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations. You can find a list of iPads that support the program below. Also in this program you cannot create very large canvases, such as in Photoshop! But even here, the size of the canvas partly depends on the RAM of your device. The larger the RAM, the more layers and size you can afford. But that's it for now! The program is constantly being improved and with each update more and more new features and functions appear.

Let's sum it up

So, among the advantages we definitely mention: an intuitive interface, a huge library of a wide variety of brushes, the ability to create animations and 3D drawings, functions for drawing in isometry, perspective, symmetry, the ability to create canvases of different sizes and save them in various formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF and even PSG.
So, friends, try different programs, choose the best for yourself and draw!