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Want to draw a beautiful tulip? Today, we'll show you how to create a tulip flower with a few easy steps. All you need is a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser.

Tulips come in many varieties, and today we'll focus on drawing a single early tulip. You can use this step-by-step tutorial to create various tulip types by slightly adjusting the base shape and the form of the leaves.

To draw a tulip you will need

  • Paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • eraser.

We have already realized that the easiest way to start your artistic experience of depicting a person is with a simple pencil and ordinary paper. If you have not done drawing before, then a drawing online course for beginners can be considered an excellent way to get acquainted with the basic concepts of working with a simple pencil. This is an excellent opportunity to learn to distinguish pencils by degree of rigidity, master simple shapes and figures, learn how to make simple drawings, including learning how to depict a human figure.

It is better to start working with a simple pencil with an HB, that is, a hard-soft pencil. All other pencils are important for drawing details, adding shadows and penumbras, applying different shades for different lines.

How to draw a tulip

Draw a cup shape. Take your pencil and sketch a cup shape. This will determine the shape and size of your tulip.

Begin with a fairly open cup shape – this will give you a larger, wider tulip.
how to draw a tulip art hub
Draw petals. You can use your pen if you prefer, but I like to start with a pencil for sketching the petals.

First, draw two large, uneven petals on each side of the cup shape with jagged edges, as real tulips aren’t perfectly straight. Then, add a middle petal partially hidden behind the first two, showing just the top. This petal should also be uneven.

Add a few more petals coming out from behind the middle one at random spots. For added dimension, draw a line on one of the right petals to show it bending, revealing both the outside and inside of the petal. Finally, draw the tulip's simple, straight stem extending from the bottom.
how to draw a tulip step by step easy
Add the backside petals

To complete the shape of the tulip, draw the petals in the back. Draw a curved line behind the three front petals, connecting the left side petal to the middle petal. Add another small curve beside it. Make the tips of the petals slightly wavy for a more natural look. Now, erase the initial oval shape.

Draw the stem

Draw a vertical line from the bottom of the flower to create the stem. Make the line slightly curved for a more realistic appearance. Add another vertical line next to it symmetrically.

Draw the leaves

Tulips typically have two or three long, oval or lance-shaped leaves clustered at the base of the stem. Draw a curved line from the bottom of the stem to the left side of the flower. Then, draw another curved line symmetrical to the first and connect them to form a leaf.
how to draw a tulip step by step
Add some details to the flower and leaves

Now we need to add some details to the petals and leaves to make them look a little more natural. Add some vein-like lines on each flower petal. Next, draw some small lines on the flower petals following the form of it.

Add some small lines to the sides of the stem and leaves following their form.
how to draw a tulip with pencil
Doing these last strokes our drawing of the tulip is ready! I hope you had fun and this tutorial helped you to draw a tulip. You can also use your drawing as a sketch for painting techniques like watercolor or acrylic.
Drawing for beginners online
If you didn’t succeed in drawing a tulip on the first try, don’t despair, maybe it’s just time to take a basic drawing course.
how to draw tulip flower

How to draw tulip with watercolor

Painting the watercolor base

Start by painting the flower head with water to create a free and fluid foundation for your tulip. Then, apply crimson red, spreading the pigment loosely as shown in the photo. Don’t worry about being precise; let the color flow naturally. When the red is half-dry, add small amounts of moon-yellow and bright green. As it dries further, use a small brush to gently draw stripes on the petals, starting from the edge and moving inward.
how to draw tulip
Load your brush with a light mix of purple (or your chosen color). Outline a teardrop shape with a wide base and pointed tip. Fill it in with a wash of wet paint.
how to draw a tulip art for kids
Draw a second teardrop shape next to the first, leaving a thin line of white space between them at the bottom. Make the right-hand shape wider at the base to create a cup shape for your tulip flower.
how to draw a tulip realistic
Create Shadows

While the paint is still wet, use a darker color to add shadows. Trace around the bottom edges of your shapes, letting the darker color bleed naturally. This step adds volume and makes the tulip look three-dimensional.
how to draw a tulip for beginners
Form the Center Petal

Create a diamond shape in the center of your tulip flower, between the other two shapes. Leave a fine line of white space to separate it from the front petals. Add darker color at the bottom for a shadow while it's still wet.
how to draw a tulip with watercolor
Paint the Stem and Leaves

Mix a light green for the stems and leaves, ensuring they frame the flower without overpowering it. Create a funnel shape under the flower, then extend a long, thick stem underneath.
tulip drawing
If you're interested in learning to draw botanical illustrations in a realistic style using watercolor, check out our online course. You'll get in-depth tutorials and expert guidance to master this art form. Visit the Botanical Illustration. Realism to explore more and enroll today!
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