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How to draw hunan easily and quickly

Portraits, comics, fashion design or just a child's drawing - whatever you want to draw, you may need to depict people. Despite the popularity of such a drawing, many make many mistakes or do not know how to draw a person at all. It seems to many that it is too difficult and they will not succeed, but thanks to ready-made schemes and a very small amount of practice, everything is possible.


We will tell you how to depict a human figure from scratch, how to choose the right materials for drawing, how the image of a guy differs from a girl, and we will analyze the main nuances when depicting a face.

Where does the image of a person begin?

Any drawing or sketch always begins with the definition of style and the choice of materials for creativity. First you need to answer yourself the question of what exactly you want to draw. So you decide on the drawing technique and understand what is needed to get started. Then we move on to material selection. For beginners, it is best to start with a simple pencil. This helps to easily get rid of auxiliary lines, does not require special skills in working with the material and has a low cost of everything you need.
In the Fantasy Room online school, you can learn how to build a fashion figure and face in pencil, watercolor, marker and mixed media on the Fashion illustration course. There is also a similar course for drawing on a tablet. These courses are designed for both complete beginners and those who already have a basic understanding of painting and drawing.
If the image style and material are already selected, then it's time to move on to the simplest step-by-step instructions for depicting a person. At the same time, it is important not only to observe all proportions in the drawing of a person, but also to correctly position your character or characters on paper so that all other objects fit and the sizes of different objects are commensurate with the main character.

Drawing of a person with a simple pencil

We have already understood that it is easiest to start your artistic experience of depicting a person with a simple pencil and plain paper. If you have not been drawing before, then a drawing course for beginners can be considered a great way to get acquainted with the basic ideas about working with a simple pencil. This is a great opportunity to learn how to distinguish pencils by the degree of hardness, master simple shapes and figures, learn how to make simple drawings, and also learn how to depict a human figure.

It is best to start working with a simple pencil with an HB, that is, a hard-soft pencil. All other pencils are important for drawing details, adding shadows and partial shadows, applying different shades for different lines.

Step-by-step instructions for depicting a person

So, we took a hard-soft pencil and are ready for the image. But how to correctly portray a person. To begin with, every artist knows about the basic anatomical proportions:
  • hands end in the middle of the thigh;
  • knees are located exactly in the middle of the leg;
  • elbows coincide with the level of the waist;
  • the width of the shoulders in an adult is approximately equal to the size of his two heads;
  • leg length is four head heights;
  • the pelvis in women is 1.25 from the head, and men 1.5.
These basic rules can be easily remembered if you draw a person according to a ready-made scheme.
Draw a vertical line and divide it into 9 equal parts. These are auxiliary lines that help maintain the correct proportions of the body.
The upper section is reserved for the head, respectively, it ends with a line on which the neck is located. From this line to the fifth from the top, we must place the pelvis of the future person. Usually it is depicted just below the fourth line. So it is possible to observe the rule of proportionality of the legs and head.
We leave the last part at the bottom for the feet, and divide the rest of the leg exactly in half. This is where the knees will be. The middle of the torso corresponds to the waist and elbows, respectively.
We schematically depict clothing lines, which allows our person to acquire a natural look. We make characteristic folds on clothes so that things look natural.
We draw hands and feet. It is easier to draw a person with his hands behind his back, so there is no need to draw a hand and fingers, which is quite difficult for a beginner. Ears and nose are shown schematically.
Face drawing. We will talk about this in more detail a little later.
We remove the auxiliary lines that make the drawing sloppy and illegible. The man is ready!
What is the difference between the image of a girl and a guy
The step-by-step instruction is universal and is suitable for both the image of a man and a woman. But still, the faces and proportions of guys and girls are different. The first such difference is the width of the pelvis. As mentioned earlier, in women it is 1.25 of the size of the head, and in men it is 1.5. Another important feature is the shoulders. Women, as a rule, are depicted with a curved line of shoulders, which makes the image more delicate and fragile. The difference is made by the muscularity of men and the characteristic curves of the female figure, but their dimensions depend only on the wishes of the author.
Significantly different faces in people of different sexes. Men usually have a larger face that is more square at the top and sharper at the bottom. On the contrary, the female portrait is characterized by rounded lines in the forehead, cheeks and neck.
The next difference between men and women are eyebrows. In women, they are usually thinner and neater. This is due not only to the fact that nature in general rewards men with more hairiness, but also to the fact that women watch their faces more and pluck their eyebrows. Naturally, when depicting a man and a woman, it is important to take into account this feature.
When depicting female eyes, it is important to pay special attention to eyelashes. They should be drawn longer, rounded than in men. It plays a role that in real life, most women emphasize their eyes with makeup.

In general, all these features are very individual and can be very different when drawing from nature, because all people are different, with different figures and faces.

How to draw a person's face

The most important part of any human image is its face. It is the face that reflects the emotions and feelings of the character, conveys his mood and turns the picture into a real portrait, creates the effect of presence. Many artists spend years developing skills in the image of the face. In the course of pastel drawing, a special place is allocated for the portrait.

But if we are not talking about the most natural image, but just want to give a personality to our person from a step-by-step instruction, then his face can be easily and quickly learned to draw from scratch.

As for the human figure, there are also basic proportions for his face, subject to which you can get an anatomically correct image. For this, auxiliary axes are often used. There are two main axes. We draw a horizontal line that divides the oval of the face in half. This line corresponds to the line of the eyes. We also draw a vertical axis - the axis of symmetry. it also divides the ovl of the face into two equal parts.
To completely draw the face, we need three more auxiliary lines. We draw them horizontally so that the oval of the face from the bottom up is divided into 3.5 parts. The top part, which happens to be half, is the hairline. The second line is the eyebrow growth line, and the third shows the level of the nose.

It remains to depict the human mouth. The lower part, that is, the distance from the nose to the chin, is divided in half. This will be the lower border of the lower lip.

Everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so their image should be as believable as possible. It is important that the distance between the eyes accommodates another eye. To make the size of the eyes realistic, you need to divide the line of the eyes into 8 equal parts, each eye will then occupy 2/8 and the indent from the edge of the head will be 1/8 part.
As in the case of the figure, all auxiliary lines must be erased after the drawing is completed.

How to learn to draw a person for a child

Many children just love to draw. At the same time, they embody their wildest fantasies on paper, revive their favorite cartoon characters and draw a family. Of course, it is important for a child to draw himself, mom or Elsa from a cartoon so that everyone immediately understands who it is. Of course, for help, the child immediately goes to the parents. And here parents have two options: teach them themselves or send them to drawing courses for children.
Illustration for kids
12 tutorails
Children usually do not strive to convey the picture realistically, their task is to give life to the schematic little men with the help of different colors and imagination. For a child, a diagram with division into equal parts, miscalculation of proportions and drawing axes can be difficult. Therefore, you can use a lighter version, sacrificing the realism of the resulting image.
So, in order to draw a boy or a girl, a child needs to remember that he must always visually divide the little man into a head, torso and legs. At the same time, the head can immediately be drawn in the form of an oval, leave room for the neck and depict two rectangles that will become the body and legs of the little man.
Help your child arrange these simple shapes correctly so that the neck is not too long or disappears altogether, and the legs are not shorter than the head. The next step is to work on the edges of the torso, giving it a more rounded look. Separate your legs. at first, the easiest way to draw legs in trousers. It remains to add hands in the sleeves. It is important not to forget about the feet and palms. They can also be schematically depicted in small circles. When a child learns to draw such kids well, then you can gradually move on to the step-by-step instructions for adults, which are outlined above.
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